About Photovoltaic glass

Ultra-clear PV glass is called ultra-clear pattern glass.

It is mainly used as sealing glass of solar cells and is an indispensable part of photovoltaic solar cells. It enjoys outstanding performance such as high sun light transmittance, low absorption rate, low reflectivity, and low iron content and is the most ideal packaging material for solar photovoltaic and photo-thermal transformation systems. It can largely improve photo electric and photothermal conversion efficiency. 


AR coated glass developed by our company is a kind of product formed relying on the world’s leading technology and equipment after the surface of high-transmitting ultra-clear solar glass is plated with one layer of anti-reflection film before the glass is tempered. Such glass can well effectively reduce the reflectance of glass surface and improve transmittance, so as to raise the conversion efficiency of modules and improve the output power of PV modules. Besides, it can make self-clean on the surface.



(1) Glass thickness: 3.0mm/10mm; standard thickness: 3.2mm/4.0mm
(2)Glass Package: safety wooden crate